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Maurice Maeterlinck, The Wrack of the Storm, cover design by Kahlil Gibran, New York: Dodd, Mead and Co., 1916.

Tags: 1916, Cover, Design, FredHollandDay, MauriceMaeterlinck

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Letter from Kahlil Gibran to the President of the Syrian American Club of Boston, 07-28-1916 (draft).

Tags: 1916, American, Letters, President, Syrian

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To Aid Starving Armenians Today, "Arizona Republic" (Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona, United States of America), 21 Oct 1916, p. 12. 

Tags: 1916, ArizonaRepublic, Armenians

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[Gibran's] Letter of appreciation to Paris People, "The Paris Morning News" (Paris, Texas), Sat, Nov 18, 1916, p. 7.

Recently The News printed an appeal for funds for the stricken Syrians in the Mount Lebanon country working in connection with David Coury, the local merchant. Our appeal and his sollecitation brought forth the generous sum of $430 which was sent to the committee.
We are now in receipt of the following letter to the mayor and citizens of Paris, expressing appreciation for our generous gift:
New York, Nov. 13, 1916.

I wish to thank you in behalf at our committee and in the name of our stricken nation for the help that you have extended to our countrymen in Paris, Texas. The generosity of Americans which knows no racial nor religious bounds is the one beautiful flower today in the desolate garden of humanity. And away out in those ancient hills is the shadows of the sacred cedar, every life redetermed is a new living expression of thanks to America.
Very truly yours
Gibran K. Gibran, Secretary


Tags: 1916, aid, appeal, letter, newspaper, Paris, texas, TheParisMorningNews

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Letter of Kahlil Gibran to James Oppenheim (circa 1916)
Letter to James Oppenheim (1882–1932), author and editor of the short-lived Seven Arts magazine. In full: “This war poem came to the Seven Arts through me. It might interest you to read it. I have been wrestling with an angel and a devil during the past two months. And it is indeed terrible to be between two powers so different. In a week or so I shall leave town for a much needed rest in the country. May I not see you before I go?” 
The Seven Arts was founded with the idealistic goal of transforming American life through the arts, featuring contributors such as Dreiser, Frost, Mencken, and Dos Passos, but folded in 1917 after just one year. In 1916, Gibran was preoccupied with the war in his native Syria, actively soliciting funds and suffering emotional distress at any war news; although he diverted his energy toward writing, the predominant theme from this period was death. In September he left New York to visit his sister on Cape Cod hoping to relieve this building stress, but suffered a nervous breakdown. A remarkable letter from a tumultuous period of Gibran’s life that influenced his writing for years to come.
Tags: 1916, JamesOppenheim, Letters, magazine, SevenArts

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Letter of Kahlil Gibran To Mary Haskell, May 26, 1916

Tags: 1916, Armenia, Lebanon, Letters, Syria