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Carl Gad, Johan Bojer: The Man and His Works, Frontispiece Portrait of Johan Bojer by Kahlil Gibran, New York: Moffatt, Yard and Company, 1920.

Tags: 1920, CarlGad, JohanBojer, kahlilgibran

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Breath on a Window Pane [Wash Drawing], The Dial, July 1920.

Tags: 1920, july, thedial, washdrawing

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Mustaqbal al-Lughat al-'arabiat wa al-'alam al-'arabi [The Future of Arabic and the Arab World], Al-Hilal, March 1920, pp. 489-497.
Tags: 1920, Al-Hilal, arabic, march, newspaper, poem

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Witter Bynner (Emmanuel Morgan), Pins for Wings, Caricatures by Ivan Opffer and William Saphier, New York: The Sunrise Turn, Inc., 1920, p. 15.

Tags: 1920, Caricatures, frontpiece, NewYork, WitterBynner

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Lagrimas e sorrisos (Kitāb Dam‘ah wa Ibtisāmah), translated into Brazilian Portuguese by José Mereb, Rio de Janeiro: Typograhia Guarany Pelotas, 1920 [owned by Mary Elizabeth Haskell].

Tags: 1920, maryelizabethhaskell, portuguese, tearsandlaughter, translation

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Glen Mullin, Blake and Gibran [Review: K. Gibran, Twenty Drawings, New York: Knopf, 1919], The Nation, April 10, 1920, pp. 485-486.

Tags: 1920, Blake, GlenMullin, Review, TwentyDrawings

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Siegfried Sassoon on Kahlil Gibran, Journal, 10 Feb. 1920 (manuscript)
Siegfried Loraine Sassoon (1886-1967), well known as a highly decorated English soldier and writer, was one of the leading poets of the First World War. His verse, that described the horrors of the trenches and satirized the patriotic spirit, greatly influenced Wilfred Owen )1893-1918(, who was the most famous poet- soldier of English literature and to whom Sassoon was mentor. 
On 28 January 1920, Sassoon arrived in New York for a lecture tour and Gibran, eager to draw him for his ”Temple of Art,“ got an appointment with him on 10 February. On that cold and snowy Tuesday, the two lunched together and Sassoon accepted to sit for a portrait. After coming back to the Seville Hotel, at 88 Madison Avenue, Sassoon wrote down in his notebook: 
”Tues. 10th - Dreary morning of thawing snow. Lunched with Kahlil Gibran, a little Syrian artist & poet; he did a drawing of me. He has done Masefield & Yeats with success, & showed me Rodin & Debussy, which looked all right. He seems a very nice creature. Nothing commercial about his point of view. (Tuesday, 10 Feb. 1920)“ 
Thanks to this unique document it is now possible to attribute an identity to a portrait hitherto left unnamed amongst others kept safe by the Gibran National Committee, Beirut, Lebanon. 
- Physical Location: Cambridge University Library, Department of Manuscripts and University Archives 
- Classmark: MS Add.9852/1/14 
- Title: Journal, 21 Jan. 1920-22 Apr. 1920, p. 18


Tags: 1920, journal, manuscript, SiefriedSassoon

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William Isaac Cole, Immigrant Races in Massachusetts: The Syrians, Massachusetts, Department of Education, Division of Education of Aliens, 1920.

Tags: 1920, departofeducation, Immigration, study

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Elsie Mitchell Rushmore, "A Bibliography for Social Workers among Foreign-Born Residents of the United States", New York City, 1920, pp. 34-35.

Tags: 1920, Bibliography, SocialWorkers, Syrians