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The Art of Kahlil Gibran [Exhibition Guide], Boston Public Library, January 6-29, 1983.

Tags: 1983, Boston, Exhibiton, kahlilgeorgegibran, theartofkahlilgibran

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Copley Square Redesign, Boston Redevelopment Authority, February 10, 1986.

It presents information on the history of Copley Square in Boston's Back Bay and the various urban design configurations of this open space; includes a chronology of the current redesign of this park and information on its budget, planning, citizen participation, the national design competition, Copley Square Centennial Committee, fund raising and the winning design (Clarke and Rapuano); also includes information in its concept, surfaces, plantings, fountain, and lighting; appendices include the "Competition Guidelines", biographical information on Daniel J. Ahern, Jr. and Kahlil Gibran, background "technical" information on traffic, pedestrians, wind, sun, etc.

Tags: 1986, Boston, copleysquare, memorial, plaque

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A Centennial Celebration program outline for Kahlil Gibran, Rabb Lecture Hall, Boston Public Library, January 6, 1983.
Tags: 1983, Boston, celebration, library, program

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Young Arab Artist of Boston, Whose Beautiful Creations are a Source of Wonder, Boston Sunday Post, March 27, 1904, p. 29.
Tags: 1904, article, Boston, march, newspaper, SundayPost

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Nathan Haskell Dole, Omar Khayyam the Tentmaker: A Romance of Old Persia, cover design by Kahlil Gibran, Boston: L.C. Page & Company, 1899 (reprint 1902).

Tags: 1899, Boston, Cover, Design, OmarKhayyam

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Kahlil Gibran: Memorial, Copley Square, Boston, Sept. 25, 1977 (Poster)

Tags: 1977, Boston, copleysquare, memorial, poster

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Letter of Kahlil Gibran to Juliet Thompson, Boston, December 28, 1915. 
Dear Juliet, 
I shall be more than glad to know Albert Vail. Your friends are my friends - even those whome [sic] I have not yet known. I wonder how many friends you and I have of whome we know nothing? 
I know that the New Year will bring you blessings - just as well as I know that the heavens will fulfill all the great dreams of your great heart. 
And may the Salam of Allah be with you always. 
Tags: 1915, Boston, julietthompson, Letters

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Letter of Kahlil Gibran to Marie Louise Watters (Boston Aug. 28 1927)

"Good morning to you, dear Marie Lousie, and many blessings upon you. I have before me now a kindly number of your letters, and I feel quite rich. You see, I went to the country for a while, and while I was there no letters were forwarded to me. Everybody thinks that I must try and get out of the world as though I have never been in it. And they say that I am not well enough to do anything but lie on my back and be still. They are all stupid! I like the little photographs in your last letter very much. They make you seem quite dashing! The hair is infinitely better and, of course, more becoming. No doubt that at the end of October 'your tresses, like molten gold, falling from heaven to the earth,' will [be] a pleasant sight to the gods of this world--and the gods of other worlds. I am glad you still like the drawing. Who knows, I may make a better one next winter! And if I should do so, you would want it- and I will not give it to you- and that's that!!! Always your faithful Kahlil Boston Aug. 28 1927."

Tags: 1927, Boston, Letters, louise, marie, watters

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Letter of Kahlil Gibran to Leah Lewinson, Boston, Oct. 16, 1925

Tags: 1925, Boston, LeahLewinson, Letters